Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Candles By Victoria- The best candles on earth!

I love candles, and have loved them for as long as I can remember. Candles were always an important part of my household and my life growing up, and they still are. There is a candle for every occasion. Whether you're sad, happy, stressed, elated, grieving, or celebrating, candles always make the experience better. While I have always loved candles, they always fell short for various reasons. Either they had no scent throw, burned unevenly, lost their scent by the middle of the candle, or burned to sooty. I always overlooked these less desirable candle traits because the essence of candles and what they meant to me was what was most important. Once I found Candles By Victoria, I realized that I didn't have to settle for low quality candles. The perfect candle does exist, and when I say perfect I mean PERFECT.

First let me start off by telling you a little about this wonderful candle company. Candles By Victoria is a family owned business based out of Van, Texas. I can't say enough good things about their business. Lets start with its namesake, Victoria. She is the most AMAZING business owner you will ever have the pleasure of talking to. She has been making candles since 1999, and let me tell you she knows what she is doing! She has a passion and a love for making the best candles around, and the love she pours into every single product shines through every single order. She never disappoints. Of course, she couldn't have done it all without her wonderful family. Her husband, Matt, affectionately named "candleman" is not only one of her biggest cheerleaders, but also packages and packs her candles with proficiency and excellence. One should never be afraid to order from her for fear of candles breaking, knowing candleman is lovingly packing their orders. And, on the very unlikely chance that UPS treats your package like a bowling ball and a candle does break, you can rest assured that Victoria, with her awesome customer service and genuine love for her customers, will replace that candle and make it with as much love as she did the first one. Then there are her beautiful daughters, Chelsea and Melissa. Chelsea is in charge of scent shots, a product I will discuss in a bit, and let me tell you she fills those puppies fantastically. Her spunk and flare is that extra boost that every business needs. She is there cheering her momma on every step of the way, which is another aspect of Candles By Victoria that just cannot be matched. Although Melissa is no longer living near the business, she is and always will be a part of the love and happiness spread by Victoria's amazing candles. This has been a family operation all along, through good times and bad, and as a customer I delight in being able to be a part of the ever growing CBV family.

As if the amazing love and family feel that Candles By Victoria stands for wasn't enough reason to order from them, their candles are also phenomenal. Her candles are creamy, triple scented, hand poured, and are delicious. They burn evenly, and every last drop of wax is highly fragrant. Her candles have amazingly long burn times, and she has something for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. Did I mention she has over 600 fragrance choices?! And it grows almost monthly. How awesome is that?

Not only are her candles awesome, but she has so many varieties. From huge, beautiful kettle candles for your favorite fragrance in a country feel, to decorative cube candles that are modern and sleek. She also has scent shots, which are basically tarts. They are an inexpensive way to test out her scents, and they go a long way. No matter what your living situation or decor style, she has something for you. She also has a customer satisfaction guarantee! If you're not 100% satisfied with her candles or any aspect of your CBV experience, she will work with you until you are.

Her candles are also BEAUTIFUL. They are works of art. Words can't describe their beauty, so I'll share some personal photographs of her work:

The images speak for themselves. If you haven't given Candles By Victoria a try, and you want your home to smell amazing, check her out! What are you waiting for? She has something for everyone. Don't like the flame? Try some tarts and a beautiful tart warmer? Don't like cutting up a tart? Try some scoop some scent, for a softer, scoopable wax. Just try her out! You won't be disappointed. And, if you have any questions on her scents, she has an amazing message board full of lovely people willing to give honest opinions of any of her scents, she has descriptions of every scent of hers on her web page, and she is willing to take both emails and phone calls about the types of scents you like and what might be right for you based on your tastes. She is the wizard of scents and her judgement can be trusted through and through! is THE ONLY place you ever need to go for your candle and home fragrance needs. You won't regret it!